Amiroğlu Group takes its name from the nickname “amir” given to its founder, Şerif Ali Akilili, one of the respected citizens of the village. Our founder started his trade life with agriculture and livestock farming using primitive methods at Acıdere Quarter in Sarayköy and started cotton and dry legumes production in 1965.

With the purchase of the first agrimotor, industrial mobility started at the village. Agrimotor replaced transportation using animals and had spread to all villages around Babadağ in a short time.

Şerif Ali Akilili continued investing on agriculture machinery like agrimotors and tresher machine, widened production areas and moved to Babadağ. As one of the pioneers, he started transportation and construction sectors at Babadağ.

Akilili continued his investments in the competetive trade life in Babadağ and purchased his first BMC truck in 1978, and second one in 1980 and increased his service quality. He further accelerated his business life by opening the construction materials shop at Babadağ in 1982, thus laying the foundation of Amiroğlu Group.

Şerif Ali Akilili accelerated his business life with his 3 sons to become a family enterprise by diverting his trades in production, marketing and logistic sectors. This acceleration resulted in Amiroğlu Coal brand with 50.000 tons of coal sales per year with 20 truck loads of transportation in 1985.

In 1993, Amiroğlu Group continued investing in new fields and entered mining sector with its sand quarry at Buldan Yenice.

In 1996 the newest and smallest of the group companies, Akbeton was established. As ready mixed concrete sector emerged, sand quarry was switched with crushed stone in the mining sector. Amiroğlu Mining started its operation at Denizli Servergazi quarry in 1998, at Serinhisar quarry in 2002 and at Manisa quarry. Today it is one of the pioneer companies in crushed stone production with its total capacity of 8 million tons of Aggregate. By 2006 Amiroğlu Group has entered two new sectors: Road Building and Construction.

In 2010 the group has entered energy sector with Karaca Hes Enerji with its 40 million kW per year energy production capacity.

Amiroğlu Group continues its activities, employing 500 people in various cities of Aegean Region in energy, construction, road building, ready mixed concrete and mining sectors.

Amiroğlu Group of Companies, History
Amiroğlu Group of Companies, History